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Group Discussion

Group Discussion

Group Discussion

Group Discussion

Group discussion is a kind of non-formal friendly discussion between the participants in a group where each and every member are expected to participate in discussion. It is conducted with the purpose of selecting a candidate for a job, course etc.

Group discussion technique was initially adopted by western countries for the selection of personnel for their armed forces but later on based upon its utility and success of this method of testing; gradually it became popular around the globe. It has now become an important and essential part of the selection procedure in some of the multinational companies, government undertaking, service selection board, for admissions in management institutes etc. As a selection technique, it is a very simple, easy and reliable step which does not require any special infrastructure, material or equipment.

Group discussion objective is to-

  • Test one’s awareness of the happening around him.
  • Test candidate’s knowledge of a subject.
  • Test his or her personality.
  • Test his or her ability to express their views.
  • Test how he or she can effectively explain their views in a concise and clear manner.
  • Test his or her mental caliber and intellectual qualities.

It is commonly found that a group discussion is conducted without appointing any leader. The objective behind this is to enable the potential candidates with leadership qualities, emerge on their own and direct the proceeding of the discussion successfully. The candidates may themselves select any one amongst them to conduct the discussion in the manner agreed upon by them.

How Group Discussion Starts?

As observation of verbal and non-verbal responses is one of the main features of a group discussion so, there must be an observer or examiner to handle this discussion. The examiner announces the topic for discussion and informs the candidates about the time limit. Generally it is of 15-25 minutes. Sometimes examiner/observer may also ask any member from a group to take out a slip from a box on which topic for discussion is written. The candidate then announces the topic and starts the discussion.

Important Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always try to initiate and conclude the topic.
  • Think well before speaking.
  • You should be good listener.
  • Also give others a chance to speak.
  • Try to show your leadership qualities.
  • Use polite language.
  • Make eye contact while talking.
  • Control your gestures like moving hands and fingers.
  • Don’t show disinterest in group discussion.
  • Don’t be too reserved or too arrogant.
  • Don’t argue unnecessarily.
  • Don’t be too nervous.
  • Don’t lose your confidence.
  • Last but not the least, you should be well groomed with a fresh lively appeareance.