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GATE Preparation Tips

GATE preparation tips

Preparation Strategy and Tips

  • Before starting your preparation for GATE exam, firstly go through the entire syllabus of your concerned subject and make an aim to complete the given syllabus rather than studying out of syllabus topics.
  • After knowing the syllabus, select the best standard book for each subject because referring standard books help you to build your concepts strongly.
  • Since there are so many subjects in the syllabus, so it’s better to make a proper study plan and strategy to prepare each and every topic of the syllabus.
  • First focus on the concepts of each topic by reading and understanding every concept used and then gain command on it by solving practice test papers and previous years GATE papers.
  • Practicing previous years GATE papers is very important part in the preparation as it gives you an idea of the questions that where asked and helps build your concepts.
  • During your preparation, prepare short notes for all important topics, which will be very useful for your last minute revision.
  • As there are so many subjects, so make a priority list based on the weightage of the marks in the previous exams. The subjects which are highly weighted take first and do the preparation in the descending order of weightage.
  • Try to solve as much as objective numerical problems of each topic, which leads you to find more and more hidden concepts and tricks to solve the questions quickly.
  • As there is a negative marking for every wrong answer, so accuracy is also important along with speed.
  • While preparing through previous years question papers, note the questions which are very tricky or which needs special type of calculations.
  • Don’t leave any calculations unsolved while solving the numerical because many questions seems to be very easy to solve but it needs some tricks and assumptions to get the final answer.
  • Preparation for GATE exam depends on many factors such as level of the student, fundamental and concepts, aptitude, concentration level and many more. But apart from all these factors, for best preparation one needs to give 4 to 5 months of rigorous preparation to score a good rank.
  • Revision is the best thing that everyone should follow while preparing and this can be best done through short notes which you have made during preparation.
  • Try to learn and use tricks and shortcuts for solving GATE questions rather than adopting a lengthy approach.
  • Analyze your strength and weakness. Try to devote more time to the subjects which you find tougher rather than solving the questions again and again from the subjects which you find easier.
  • Always join best test series. Test series is the best thing from which you can judge yourself that where you stand and it also helps you in building new concepts.
  • Finish a detailed reading of all topics you plan to cover at least one month before and keep one month for revisions and clearing leftover doubts.
  • After you write a test series, see where you have gone wrong. Try to study those concepts and rectify the errors.
  • Please remember, for getting good rank you have to study all subjects thoroughly.